Unicorn Magazine represents the wide spectrum of sexuality and identities that fit in between gay and straight. 

These stories need to be told. They need a home. This ocean of electrifying and extraordinary identities needs a platform.

We were stuck in a continuous loop. Out of place in pop-culture, but ‘not gay enough’ for queer publications. Bisexuals represent between 52-59% of the queer community. The voiceless majority left to feel like a shameful minority.

This is why we prioritise bi stories. bisexuals, pansexuals, biromantics, asexuals, polysexuals – we love the lot of you. Your stories need to be told. 

We will speak about ‘the queer community’ or ‘LGBTQ+ stories’ and we will do them all proud. We will however show queer publications how to do a proper job of speaking for everyone, as best we can.

relentlessly real & raw

Our Mag was made to showcase reality. No airbrushing. No dishonesty. No nonsense.

We explore stories around mental health, sex, and identity. We do this through art, photography, poetry, interviews, opinion pieces, short stories, and whatever people want to show.

Real, honest, fun, sometimes not so fun, stuff.

Explore at your own pace.


This project was founded by Bi Pride UK. The only registered national charity championing the bi umbrella. 

Unicorn Magazine is still governed by Bi Pride UK and remains a sister project managed by a separate team. Our values are the same.

This project is run entirely by volunteers, it doesn’t make any profit, and every single penny goes back into community projects.

Registered Charity No.1177128