Fluid and (Not) Confused – Why We Started Unicorn

Fuck, maybe I’m gay

Since stories have existed, there has always been two sides. Hero and villain. Ying and Yang. Gay and straight. No grey, no shades, no fluidity.

“Fuck, maybe I’m straight”

The reality is a bit more exciting than that. Love is more complicated. Attraction is profoundly weird.

“Fuck, maybe I’m confused”

Over half (59%) of young LGB identify as bi. There are more bi people than there are gays and lesbians combined. But this beautiful ocean of complex and electrifying sexualities and identities are seldom explored. Stories erased.

The voiceless majority left to feel like a shameful minority.

“Who the fuck am I?”

Being bi is beautiful. Why didn’t anyone ever tell us this before? Because my unicorns, we don’t exist.

The queer stories we see on TV were rigidly binary, and the bisexuals we do encounter on screen are more likely to be psychopaths and drug addicts (GLAAD 2018).

Maybe the painting of this identity as slutty, attention-seeking and un-faithful, is what leads to bi people suffering from greater risks of mental health issues, being victims of higher rates of sexual violence and a general feeling of being worthless.

It’s time to change the narrative.

I don’t want to dread on the past. Bi history is a mountain of emotional crap. I want to think of what is going to be next for bisexuals, pansexuals, asexual panromantics and the rest of our beautiful ocean.

We deserve freedom. Not just from pricks, but from our own judgment.

Your identity is valid.

Your identity is valid.

Your identity is valid.

No, I’m not discounting the years of fighting which has led to the flourishment of LGBTQ+ rights and exploration in some parts of the world. I’m saying the love needs to spread to bi people who are still wrongly ashamed of who they are.

Girlfriends who were grossed out by me. Boyfriends who called me confused and gay.

You made me a myth.

Unicorn, you are not a unicorn.

Are you attracted to more than one gender? You’re bisexual and you exist.

Is your attraction genderless, and your sexuality more than what parts someone has? You’re pansexual and you exist.

You hate labels? You explore sexuality, identity, and romance at your own pace? Fuck yeah, you exist and you’re loved.

This is why we created this little mag. With Bi Pride UK’s support, and a fucking amazing team, we will end the shame.

Stories about fluidity. Poems about sexual exploration. Art about, well anything.

Dip your toe, or take a dive.

Let’s find out what your identity is.

Unicorn, you are beautiful.


Lev Alexander
Creative Director of UNICORN
He / Him

Thumbnail Image by Levi Saunders on Unsplash

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