The best Bi and Pan Memes of 2019

In 2019, we had the first Bi Pride, we were building the first ever bi arts & culture magazine, and of course we were stuffing our faces with memes…

Ah, memes. Through the good times and hardships that come with our sexualities, bi & pan memes will always be there, reminding us that we’re all in this together!

So, here’s a breakdown of the memes that made us laugh throughout 2019. Starting with…

In the Closet

Many of us are in the closet or aren’t out to certain people in our lives. Memes that take a stab at this hit HARD.

Shoutout to all our gender-nonconforming heroes making people everywhere question their sexuality.

And have you ever pretended your bi pride is just a very deep love for pink, purple and blue?

Or pink, blue and yellow of course!


And then there’s dating. If you’re able to get as far as making eye contact with someone that is…

And if despite the large dating pool, you’re able to find someone actually available…

And then there’s all those stereotypes to crush….

Of course, the stereotype that all bisexuals cheat is gross and incorrect.

However, whether bisexuals are always too afraid to shoot their shot or not, it’s something we’ll leave to you to decide…

Plus with dating there are often those incorrect assumptions that you’re ‘picking a side’ dependent on the gender of your partner, and inside you’re like:


Joe Lycett found a way to sum up some bi and pan experiences…

Or perhaps this better describes you?

…because have you ever met a bisexual who does know how to sit on chairs properly?

We thought not 😉

Then during those colder months…

We were out there finding in each other in winter.

And throughout the year, some of us may have had doubts about our sexuality…

… and that’s totally normal and okay!

Feeling 100% confident in specific labels all the time is certainly not a requirement of being bi or pan.

But internalised biphobia/erasure only makes meme culture stronger…

Sometimes memes aid us in making the world a more openly bi place!

Here’s to another year filled with internet sensations and shareable GIFs, memes and moments.

Love & sparkles from your team UNICORN!

Written by Emily Eaton

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