A dream of breaking away from binary names

Do you ever think about how gendered our language is? We can’t seem to get away from it. “Brother from another mother”, did you say? “Sister from another mister”? Why are people drawn to name descriptors that are so boring, so overdone, and that are so exclusive to particular genders? I mean, “sib from another crib” is RIGHT there…

But then again, there’s so many more entertaining possibilities.

Instead of “brother from another mother”, call your friend your “ghost from another host”.

I mean, doesn’t that grab your attention so much quicker?


And we love how this affectionate pet name has been adapted!

Instead of “baby girl”, try “baby goat”…

Baby goats are arguably much cuter than humans after all.

A tweet from Karuna (@blondbutch) that reads ‘My mom has always called me “baby girl” and we’ve been experimenting with gender neutral ways to adapt that since I came out as nonbinary and’ with an inserted text that says “Meems: Hey baby goat - how’s today? Thinking of you - waiting for laurel for her birthday dinner’
Karuna Vellino on Twitter

And rather than “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”, why not try out these suggestions…

A tweet from nonbinary agenda (@nbagenda) that says: ‘instead of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”, use gender neutral terms like: Rival, Archnemesis, Vampire Lord, USS Enterprise, Mist Creature’.

We’re dreaming of introducing our significant other as our “Vampire Lord” during the next family dinner…

Source: Extrordinary on Redbubble

The fun doesn’t stop with the people you care about. When you’re referring to a landlord/landlady, think about why you’re using such a pointlessly gendered term when you could be using the superb gender neutral alternative…

“land leech”.

And next time you’re talking about finding a sugar daddy, try switching to “glucose guardian”. Pros? It’s gender neutral AND without stigma.

Source: @angchor

Language is much more fun when we break away from the binary! And the world is a far better place when we’re being inclusive to all genders. We’re a magazine with a dream of ending society’s persistence to put everything in binary terms. UNICORN is a safe space where all pronouns and all forms of address are welcome.

So seriously, where are my “clowns from the same circus”? That’s how you know we’re really bonded…

Feature Image by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Written by Emily Eaton

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