Introducing Pillow Talk: Love, Sex, Relationships & Everything In-Between!

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Hey! I’m Genevieve, a sex educator and budding sex therapist and I joined the team at UNICORN to bring you the new regular sex and relationship advice column – Pillow Talk.

Pillow Talk is the sex and relationship advice you’ve always wanted. A place to ask questions free from fear and guilt. A space for exploration, reassurance and affirmation. Dispelling myths and shaping new futures.

Being bi often means carving our own path and fighting against the gay/straight narratives that dominate the mainstream. This is your place for community, identity and representation on all things to do with sex and relationships.

Any q and a’s posted will be anonymous – no names, no shame, no problem.

From armpits, to hand-holding, poly to mono, ace date ideas to coming out action plans – have a think about what’s been niggling away at you and send it our way!

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