Issue 2 – Letter from the Founder & Editor

Well we’ve been busy. It’s with great pleasure we introduce our second issue of UNICORN, and what a dreamy one it is. Do you get it? Because the theme is ‘Dreams’.

As our saying goes – dip your toe, or take a dive. The second issue of UNICORN is full of poetry, photography, articles, funny opinion pieces, and so much more. The talent is phenomenal and the support we’ve received is evidence that a bi arts & culture magazine like UNICORN definitely has a space in our community.

Speaking of talent, we are so proud to have Jordan Gray, our pansexual hero who has her own Comedy Central show Transaction, on the cover of Issue 2 of UNICORN. The cover shoot for Issue 2 was a creative triumph. And by triumph, we mean Lev’s flat is now covered in feathers.

We asked Jordan what she wanted to do around dreams and pillows and she came up with this concept of an ‘anti-slumber party vibe’, distorting pop cultural cues on gender, and giving us a fresh take on queer representation. Why does queer have to be bright pink? We settled with a baseball bat and some seriously fierce looks. 

We’re also so thrilled to launch Pillow Talk. A safe space to ask your anonymous questions on everything around sex, love, relationships. Stay tuned for Issue 3 to see it in action. And submit your questions now.

Finally a huge thank you to the astonishingly talented volunteer team who have made UNICORN a reality. None of this is possible without their passion for creating new queer community spaces. You rock, and you know it. 

So please, enjoy, ‘av a read, share with your mates, and welcome to our family.

With love,

Lev Alexander & Lucy Everett

Creative Director & Executive Editor

Feature image by Nico Frey on Unsplash

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