Likes + Comments = Life – Broadway’s Algorithms

Back in the summer we interviewed talent from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Algorithms was one of the many shows which we managed to catch and have a chat with the talent, Sadie Clark. 

With word on the bi grapevine that Sadie would be back to perform her one woman show in London, we had to get a piece of that birthday cake.

In case you didn’t read our review from summer and our wondering “what’s this Algorithms show all about?” well let us divulge you….


Written & performed by Sadie Clark*
Directed by Madelaine Moore*.

The tragi-comic Algorithms introduces the bisexual Bridget Jones for the online generation. It’s a play for anyone who has ever wondered why they feel so lonely when connecting with others is meant to be easier than ever.

The main character is an algorithm writer for an online dating site. The story follows her as she searches for love, happiness and satisfaction

in a world defined more and more by online interactions.

Sadie Clark is sitting on the golden stair, looking off-stage with a quizzical, frustrated expression, and her hands on her knees. On a different gold block are tied several balloons in purple, pink, blue and silver.

Picture this: …..

She has the job, the flat, the girlfriend until it all goes tits up just before her 30th birthday.

Between stalking her friends on social media (we’ve all done it), and enduring comments from her overbearing mother, hapless Brooke is well aware of what life is ‘supposed’ to look like.

So, like many of us do, she heads online looking for answers and gives the science of love – online dating – a chance.

Does it work out?

Well you’ll have to go watch to find out.

The story is based on the ‘compare and despair’ phenomenon.

We know all too well how easy it is to get caught up in today’s overly curated world where Instagram photos make us believe that everyone else’s lives are much more fun, together and happy.

We’re constantly bombarded with motivational quotes and self-help techniques proliferating, but even being happy in modern society comes with its own pressures.

Brooke’s story is a relatable one that addresses the universal issues of mental health, body image, loneliness and self- acceptance.

Sadie is flatly cupping her hands in front of her, staring down at the hands and looking shocked (her eyes are popping, and her mouth is in wide ‘O’ shape)

Algorithms is a refreshing piece representing bisexual identity onstage

without it defining the story. While recent studies have revealed bis make up around half of the Lesbian-Gay-Bi community, they are still regarded as the ‘invisible minority’. It has been found that only 48% of bisexual women are ‘out’ compared with 86% of lesbian women.

Sadie is wearing a lightly-coloured flared party dress and white socks, and has kicked off her sandals. She’s holding a children’s karaoke machine and singing into the mic. The light is dimmer and coloured, like a disco.

What does Sadie Clark want you to know about the show?

“When writing Algorithms, I wanted to disrupt the status quo: to put a bisexual character centre stage but without the associated harmful stereotypes and myths. I wanted to create a bisexual character whose sexuality was fairly incidental to the story – a ‘universal’ character whose story lay in the complicated business of simply being human. The show is about searching for connection and happiness in an online world that’s constantly exposing you to the perfectly curated, filtered versions of your peers’ lives. At its heart it asks:

why do we feel so lonely when connecting with others is meant to be easier than ever?”

See you in the front row!

Sadie is standing arms akimbo and singing, with her eyes closed and her mouth wide open

To grab your ticket head to Soho Theatre.  

Sadie will be performing
Tuesday 10th March – Saturday 14th March 19:15
(plus 14:45 matinee on Saturday 14th)

The total running time is 1 hour

Location Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, W1D 3NE
Tickets: From £16

Writer and performer Sadie Clark
Director Madelaine Moore
Dramaturg Jules Haworth
Lighting designer Jennifer Rose
Sound designer Nicola Chang
Producers Laura Elmes Productions & Sadie Clark

Ages 14+, contains scenes of a sexual nature, strong language and flashing lights

On a bright blue background, Sadie is sitting on her floor with her legs apart, with balloons scattered in and around her legs. She is wearing a gold birthday cone hat, a child-like pink polka-dot dress, and is looking comically concerned. She is holding a plate with a large portion of rainbow birthday cake in one hand, and holding up a half-eaten piece with the other.





Soho Theatre



*Algorithms – Developed on the Soho Theatre Writers’ Lab and longlisted for the Tony Craze Award 2018.  Shortlisted for the Edinburgh TV Festival/TV Foundation’s Stage to Screen New Voice Award -supported by Netflix’

*Sadie Clark – 12 Theatre Stars for 2020, Guardian, longlisted 4Stories, Channel 4 new-talent initiative

* Madelaine Moore – Santi and Naz, Fatty Fat Fat, Ladykiller, Coconut

Written by Lucy Everett

Written by


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