Issue 3 – Letter from the Founder & Editor


We’ve been working on this issue of ‘wellness’ well before ‘wellness’ was a buzzword for Covid-19 isolation. It’s during these weird and uncertain times that we felt we needed to get this issue out to you as soon as possible. 

We wanted to keep the community’s spirits going and to provide a necessary space of expression and exploration. This is why the volunteer team of writers, designers, and content miners, have been working double time to get this issue out to you pronto.

So without further-adieu here’s issue 3 of UNICORN. 


This third issue is full of interviews, keeping it kinky at home chats, poetry, wellness advice, self love tips, funny opinion pieces, and much more. Each issue we’re overwhelmed by the talent, support and messages we receive, it makes all this work even more worth it. Thank you, you sparkly fabulous beings! 

What about our cover? How did you manage to shoot this during isolation we hear you say! Well, we certainly faced some challenges with this issue. We had to ask ourselves, how are we going to produce a cover shoot via the wonders of the web? Well UNICORNS, we figured it out, and with the help of video calls and technology we managed to direct, shoot and produce a fabulous duo cover with the wonderful Reed and Florence of Come Curious.

We are incredibly proud to release two covers for this issue. The Reed and Florence cover, and The Lockdown Cover. Both covers were made with each UNICORN team members and Come Curious collective in different parts of the country. 

The Lockdown cover we release as it holds significance in our uncertain times. Our digital screen presence over video calls is now how we interact with friends, family, work colleagues. Our webcam is a mirror and door into the outside. We hope you stay strong, keep connected to your community, and remain safe in these times.

For the cover article; the fab Come Curious duo are all about sex, body and mental health honesty. They produce content weekly for both their YouTube / social channels and their popular podcast F**ks Given and we’re big fans too!

We hope you have come curious (see what we did there…) and excited to read this issue. The girls were fab, open to our mad idea to host an interview and shoot via video chat and in turn have given us a brilliant cover and interview piece on how to keep it both kinky and comfy at home during isolation. 

Finally as always, a huge thanks to the wonderful volunteers that make this publication a reality. UNICORN is run entirely by the community, for the community, and makes no profit. It’s the love and dedication that makes each issue a unique and thrilling glimpse into queerdom all around the world.

The other thanks is to Bi Pride UK. The only registered national charity specifically looking after non-monosexuals (that’s fancy langauge for the middle bit between gay and staight). Bi Pride UK are a charity of history makers, look out for what they are planning for 2020.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a cuppa, snuggle down and get reading.

Lev Alexander & Lucy Everett

Creative Director & Executive Editor

Featured Image by Allie Smith on Unsplash

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