Ear Candy – Pick ‘N’ Mix Queer Podcasts

This edition of UNICORN might be full of crushes and eye candy, but we wouldn’t dream of leaving you without some ear candy too.

There are tons of queer podcasts out there to sample, but we’ve selected a few that have caught our ear to keep you entertained and informed this week.

Queer WOC

Looking at intersectionality of queer identities, highlighting queer women of colour and discussing issues of sexuality and race from both lesbian & bi perspectives. Hosted by Money & Nikeeta.

Most recent episode: Ep. 87: Ya Gay Aunties “Diggin’ for Gems” ft. QueerWOC


Light-hearted podcast looking at celebrity crushes, love stories and horror stories, and queer current affairs. Hosted by Rin & Sasha.

Most recent episode: Chapter 13: Long-term queer relationships

Two Bi Guys (Alex & Rob)

Does what it says on the tin – two bi guys discussing gender, sexuality, fluidity, masculinity and femininity, and intimacy. Hosted by Alex & Rob.

Most recent episode: A Brief History Of Race With Megan Madison

Busy Being Black

Podcast discussing intersectionalities of blackness and queerness, and experiences of what it feels like to be black and queer in modern Britain. Hosted by Josh Rivers.

Most recent episode: Lama Rod Owens: Bad Buddhist

Sex Intersectional

Sexual health podcast looking at all different identities and intersections. They’ve covered everything from queer online dating, to sex work, to consent (plus a few spicier topics). Hosted by Lizzy & Alexandra.

Most recent episode: Episode 24: PrEP and HIV Care Navigation and Advocacy

(Titans, 2018, DC Universe)

The BiCast

Interviews with queer artists, organisations and figureheads within the bi community (mainly US). Hosted by a group of different volunteers.

Most recent episode: Corona Virus and our community with Dr. Lauren Beach, thefayth, Juba Kalamka and Seth Fischer

Queery with Cameron Esposito

LGBTQ+ podcast covering identity, experiences and discussions with various queer guests. Hosted by Cameron Esposito.

Most recent episode: Episode #143: Alphonso David

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg – there are tons of queer podcasts out there, from serious to fun, short to long, general to niche. Hopefully this will get your earbuds tingling (#NotARealBodyPart 👂), and start you on your journey to find the perfect podcast for you.

Written by Maddie Jones

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