Issue 4 – Letter from the Founder & Editor

Happy Pride month!

Now of course we know this Pride month is a little different to previous years, celebrations and meeting up with friends and family is mainly via video chats and partying in the streets of London with the main parade is a no go. BUT that’s doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in style, don our best eco glitter or enjoy some queer art realness!

As we approach the last weekend of what would have been Pride celebrations across the country, we’re ready to share with you all our latest issue of UNICORN.

Our issue theme this month is CRUSH.

Coming hot off the bi press with stories, illustrations, music, podcast lists and much more. From first crushes to crushing under strict rules, we’ve covered all bases for this Pride special issue.

Pride will always be a year wide thing with us, but we know just how important this month is across the world. Lest we forget our queer history and the people that fought for us to get to where we are today. We dedicate this issue to them.

This issue is for you all. Heck, we’re crushing right now on you, *blushes* you wonderful, glittery and fabulous humans that make up our community and fellow UNICORNS.

We are very lucky to be hosting Scaredy Kat and Pussy Kat as our two cover stars for this issue. Working with these two was a creative dream and for the cover they shot for us a highschool-yearbook-photo-from-a-different-dimension. 

It’s important to highlight different gender couples at UNICORN. We’ve read so many queer publications which just don’t show this kind of attraction within the community, but it exists, and it should be celebrated. We want all bis to be seen and given a platform.

Finally, a huge thanks to our volunteer team who’ve created yet another triumphant issue of UNICORN. It’s a privilege to showcase these stories and give our community a space to call their own, and it’s thanks to the hard work from a little family of passionate volunteers.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a cuppa, or whatever your tipple, pull up a pew and divulge yourself in our latest issue of UNICORN. 

Love from

Lucy Everett & Lev Alexander

Executive Editor & Creative Director

Photo by Ben Mater on Unsplash

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