Resting Place

Sophia dos Remédios shares some delightful poetry

Image of a palm facing upwards with a pink love-heart sweet that reads ‘FEELINGS’
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Resting Place
© S. A. dos Remédios

Sometimes I wish

I could climb into the

space between your fingers,

let my legs swing against

your palm, my heels

hitting your love line –

a heartbeat one moment,

metronome the next –

and when I’m ready to sleep,

roll into palm centre and

let your fingers curl over me,

a blanket up to my chin

to stop sad thoughts getting in.

Feature Image by Joseph Gruenthal on Unsplash

This article features

Sophia dos Remédios

She / Her | London | Writer

Sophia is a medical student by day, writer by night, and practising feminist at all times. Through her writing, she aims to open up conversations about mental health, queerness and activism, to encourage others to share their stories, and to erase erasure.