UNICORN LOVES – a celebration of our queer siblings

We highlight some amazing queer voices in the community

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Black. Lives. Matter.


And in light of current events, it’s even more important that we do whatever we can to uplift black and POC voices.


Recently, UNICORN kickstarted its UNICORN LOVES series on our Instagram, to spread the word about black and POC queer artists and activists we love (and are sure you’ll love too).

In case you haven’t managed to catch our posts and stories, here’s a round-up of everyone we’ve featured so far. We’ll keep adding to this list as we post more.

Studio Mucci

STUDIO MUCCI (@studiomucci)

‘Unicorn, creative visionary, digital influencer’

UNICORN loves: how awesomely colourful her fashion is. ALL the rainbows, ALL the time. 🏳️‍🌈

Blair Imani

BLAIR IMANI (@blairimani)

‘Public historian & author’


UNICORN loves:  how effortlessly she educates AND puts down haters at the same time. #schooled 📚

Loud Bossy Gross

LOUD BOSSY GROSS (@loudbossygross)

‘loud, bossy + gross’  self-love, body positivity and confidence activist

UNICORN loves: That name, & all the fierce anti-diet ‘love yourself’ popcorn-eating content that comes with it. 🍿


DARKWAH (@hausofdarkwah)

‘Entertainment entrepreneur & creative, Queer As F#*!’

UNICORN loves: Darkwah’s powerful poetry, slick style, & make-up tutorials with a side-helping of mental health & BLM advocacy. 💋

Tanya Compass

TANYA COMPAS (@tanyacompas)

‘Founder of #QueerBlackChristmas & #ExistLoudlyFund’

UNICORN loves: how she’s a ‘self-confessed lad’, repping for the masc womxn and advocating for mental health. 💜

Indya Moore

INDYA MOORE (@indyamoore)

Actor (star of POSE), model & social activist

UNICORN loves: POSE, of course! And how they speak up on behalf of the black and trans communities – in their own words, ‘actions speak louder than memes’ ⭐

Alok Vaid-Menon

ALOK VAID-MENON (@alokvmenon)

‘writer. performer. speaker. fashionist@’!’

UNICORN loves: Their performance art, and their interviews on being non-binary and gender fluidity (and their awesome green hair!) 💚

MJ Rodriguez

MJ RODRIGUEZ (@mjrodriguez7)

Actress (star of POSE) & singer

UNICORN loves: Again, POSE! And for paving the way for trans actors in Musical Theatre. 🎭

[Maddie: and she’s rocking my initials. MJs are always the best 😉]

Travis Alabanza

TRAVIS ALABANZA (@travisalabanza)

‘Artist. Performs things. Makes theatre. Writes things.’

UNICORN loves: Their gender non-conforming fashion, and fight to make mainstream feminism trans-inclusive. 🖤


KELECHI (@itskelechi)

Singer ‘for hopeful romantics & bedroom mirror dancing queens’

UNICORN loves: Kelechi’s music, activism, and the ability to rock a cowboy hat like THAT. 🍊

One other way we can support black and POC artists as a queer community is to hand over our platforms, make space, allow QTIPOC voices to be heard and really listen.

So once you’ve browsed, liked, followed or shared these brilliant artists’ & activists’ work, make sure to check out some important organisations doing great work for the black and POC queer community.

Written by

Maddie Jones

UNICORN Staff Writer | She / Her

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