Founder & Editor Letter: Issue 5

Issue 4 has green and gone. We’re excited to launch issue 5, the theme being ‘Green’ if you didn’t get the hint already. 

As we’re fast approaching the end of 2020 (where the heck did that year go?!) our wonderful team at Unicorn Magazine has been working hard on not only bringing you another fabulous issue of the magazine, but also on our new content and look and feel. 

So what’s this issue all about? Well, if you hadn’t guessed from the name, our ‘Green’ issue is all about eco friendly, ethical queerness. Yup quite the combo right? But there are some lovely articles which interpret ‘Green’ less literally and discuss personal growth and creativity. 

We were thrilled to chat with Jasey Fox, our ginger dreamboat from Sydney, as our cover star for Issue 5. In particular, Lev wanted to push male bisexual representation for this cover and really talk about growth in sexuality. It’s a great article and we can’t thank Jasey Fox enough for the stunning shoot and words.

Also, in the words of a very famous puppet frog…. It’s ain’t easy being green, so we’re mixing it up from previous issues. Not only will we be featuring all things ‘Green’, but also other articles on new music, why all men should be penetrated once in their life (yup you heard it heard first) as well as new short films and work from our wonderful contributors. 

You’ve got: environment, creativity, and sex. Now sit down and enjoy!

Our issues from now on will focus the cover and a handful of feature articles on our core theme but we have let our writers be as creative as they want and talk about whatever they fancy!

As always it’s time to stick the kettle on, sip away on your biodegradable tea bags and indulge in palm oil free snacks and get reading. 

With love,

Lev Alexander
Founder & Creative Director

Lucy Everett
Executive Editor

Featured Image by Chris Lee on Unsplash

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