Letter From The New Editors of Unicorn

Lucy: Welcome to issue 7 of Unicorn, voices. This issue we’re mixing things up with our editor’s notes on the issue. Why, you ask? Well lovely unicorns, it’s because we have two fabulous new editors, who you may recognise as authors from our previous issues. So without further ado, let us, let them introduce the issue. Over to you Joe and Maddie. 


As the new Features Editor at Unicorn Magazine, it is an honour to launch the 7th issue with Joe Lycett as our cover star. A comedian, presenter, artist, and activist, Joe is perfect for our Voices issue; a prominent pansexual who has never shied away on stage from wrenching humour, pathos and absurdity out of his sexuality. Our interview with Joe was as hilarious and insightful as you’d imagine—plus, we plan to pre-order his coffee-table book of bins for the Unicorn office. (N.B. there is no Unicorn office…yet!) Our community is enriched by having an uncompromisingly sexually fluid voice like his on prime-time television. We hope you enjoy our interview with him. 

This is our Voices issue; note the plural. In it there are stories of overcoming great adversity to find your voice, voices from across multiple continents, voices that span multiple generations. Unicorn is now well into its second year seeking out and championing voices from across the sexually fluid community—our community—and this issue is both celebration and manifesto. 

Whilst we are made strong in our unity, there is also great strength to be gained in our diversity. Our community does not need to speak with one voice on every issue—but every member deserves to have their voice heard. 

As the world begins to (slowly) open following a challenging year, queer voices will begin to fill queer venues once more with singing, celebration, snogging and hope for the future. Whether in person or online, with chosen family and friends old and new, I wish you a loud, proud and joyful summer.

Make your voices heard. 

Joe von Malachowski
Features Editor | Unicorn Magazine


From when I joined in 2020 to when I recently became the Community Editor, the world has changed completely in so many ways – and so has Unicorn. We’ve got bigger, bolder, slicker. Our voice has evolved. In just a year, we’ve gone from a group you could count on one hand, to a fully-fledged team, volunteering as much time as we can spare from three different continents to bring you buckets of queer goodness.

We’re a barely recognisable Unicorn from the one I joined in Issue 2. We’ve come a long way, but we have so much more left to shout about, and so many more voices we need to represent. We need to keep striving to share stories from the whole bi community. Whatever your gender, the colour of your skin, wherever you’re from and whatever communities you are part of, we are on a mission to include all of your voices on full volume. You matter, and you are a part of Unicorn. None of us wins until we are all represented.

As we build our magazine more and expand our team, we are going to keep working to make Unicorn a safe, proud space for everyone. We’ve worked hard to bring you new stories from new places for Issue 7, from LGBTQ+ communities in the UAE to queer Deaf poets, via online hyperpop communities and everything in between. Now we’re looking forward, heading in the right direction to bring you more diverse and exciting perspectives in the future. If you want to get involved, whether you have stories to share, want to see us include your community, or think there’s something we can do better, tell us, and we’re here to listen. 

We’re here to stay, but we’re not here to sit still. We want to grow, and we need your voices to do it.

Maddie Jones
Community Editor | Unicorn Magazine

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