Founder / Creative Director – Lev Alexander
Executive Editor – Lucy Everett 
Community Editor – Maddie Jones
Features Editor – Joe Von Malachowski

Staff Writers

Staff Writer – Prishant K Jutlla
Staff Writer – Tatiana Yusuf
Staff Writer – Gabriel Novo
Staff Writer – Bella Cox
Staff Writer – Beck Lowe
Staff Writer – Nithila
Staff Writer – Carly Maling


Head of Digital – Daisy Riley
Social Creative – Megan Evans
Digital Coordinator – Braden MacDonald
Digital Creative – Rosie Symes


Lead Designer – Harry Thory
Designer – Kinda Savarino
Illustrator – Ellie Bassford
Illustrator – Priyanka Khurana


Head of Growth – Dimitra Pantazi

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the outline of a naked white person, laying on their side.

Editors letter – Issue 8

Bodies. We’ve all got them. They’re our homes for life, in all their glorious shapes, sizes and colours.