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UNICORN issue 4 cover - featuring Alex Cubb and Remi May. Alex is to the left and is wearing a thick black and white striped t-shirt with faux leather spiked wrist and neck cuffs. He has clown style makeup, white face, red cheeks, lips and nose. He has light brown short hair. Remi is to the right, she is wearing a long sleeved thin striped black and white t-shirt. She has similar makeup to Alex with darker eye makeup. Her hair is long and dark with a short full fringe. They are facing the camera, Remi has her hand in Alex's hair and they are holding hands in the middle of the photo. There is a Large U with a 10% opacity over the couple, the UNICORN logo with 'No straight answer' and 'A Bi Pride UK Project' at the bottom. In the top corner there is the text 'ISSUE 4 / CRUSH' and there is a light pink gradient coming up from the bottom of the frame


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