Unicorn Magazine is a non-profit project governed by UK charity Bi Pride UK.

It is made up of a volunteer support team including: Editors, Digital Leads, Partnerships Teams, Designers etc. These volunteers pride themselves in building a platform where underrepresented queer voices can be heard in a bold and accessible way.

Volunteers differ from contributors, as volunteers help make the magazine – contributors fill it with text and images. As such, contributors are eligible for the Unicorn Fund and can be paid per piece of submission (article, illustration etc.).
The Unicorn Fund FAQs can be accessed here.

If you have 1-2 hours per week where you would love to help continue to build our innovative queer magazine, you can apply to become a Unicorn Volunteer.

We need any and all skills! We also value life experiences with work experience, so don’t feel shy if this is potentially your first gig – we’ll give you training and support.

Your time will result in queer writers and artists being able to express themselves on an exciting new platform and tens of thousands of queer people all around the world having access to these words and images – to inspire and empower queer people everywhere.

To apply, either go through our job sites such as The Dots – or send us a message below with who you are and what you’d like to do.