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Q – Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your work?

A bit about me? Well I’m Australian, came over here 6 or so years ago. I’m a bit of a workaholic, but adore being around my friends. I find so much comfort in getting to know people, human interaction has become something super important to me. A bit about my work.

My writing has always been a reflection of discovery

The past couple of years was that of falling for and understanding my partner and how I interpreted that. Running a restaurant allows me to talk to people daily, I love it. 

Q – How does your work incorporate your queerness?  

Well my writing certainly is a reflection on my sexuality. If you read through my papers, journals, poems; lately they’ve all been based around my girl.

Q – The theme of our first issue is ‘Myth’ can you tell us how you interpreted that?

I interpret a myth to be ‘Someone’s truth misunderstood

Q – If you had one piece of advice for your younger self (looking back now) what would it be and why?

Don’t try and tell yourself you aren’t normal because you think about others in a way other people don’t speak of.

Q – If you had to sum up the wonder that is the bi community in one sentence, what would it be?

Loving people is a gift, its special to be someone who is capable of loving any.

Rather than trying to be just like everyone else, be free. It’s much more liberating

Q – If you had to sum up the wonder that is the bi community in one sentence, what would it be?

Loving people is a gift, its special to be someone who is capable of loving any

. a while back .

Is it me? Do I make the first move? Your skin is soft, sensitive to touch. My hand graces the top of your panties, moves with caution. Is this what you want? Have I misread the situation, is it my friendship you want? Wait, you’re moving my hand closer to your sacred part. My heart is beating, my lips find your neck. This is what you want, relax, let me take control of your delicate being.

I guess you think you know what came next? We entered into a moment of pure bliss. Became one with one another’s touch. Shut off from the world whilst we explored one another’s bodies. You guessed wrong. I pulled my hand away, kissed her goodnight and rolled over. Why you ask? I ask myself the same thing daily. Why is making love to a woman any different to making love to a man. Life was always about men. Lose your virginity to a man, please the man, ‘Suck his penis like a lollipop, he’ll love it.’ ‘Don’t worry yourself over the size of your breasts; some men like small tits, a handful is plenty for some.’ ‘He seems like your type, go say hey.’ ‘Look at him looking your way.’ He, he, he, he, there was never mention of her. She seems cute, she looks like your type. I grew up in a world of man and woman fuck, men take womens virginities, men propose when they are ready, men open doors for woman, men are strength.

This was no one’s fault, no one intentionally went out of their way to not talk about woman, it just so happened that no one in my life was gay, bi or anything of that matter, straight was the norm. Why would they help me understand my sexuality, in their mind they were raising me, walking me through life the only way they knew. Maybe I’m being harsh? Maybe they always knew and didn’t know how to change their frame of mind.

As the years have gone by, I along with many have come to realise sex is taboo, one that isn’t spoken of plenty. I guess I’ve come to learn that the myth of having no choice is someone else’s truth.

I find myself ending with, being misunderstood leaves the mind to desire.

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Abbey Roberts

She / Her | London | Restaurant Manager

A super talented writer from Australia, who is now located in London. She uses her writing as a way of reflecting her sexuality and discovery.
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